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The EasyVoipRecorder tray Menu.

This menu is a shortcut to the following options:


  • Show or Hide the EasyVoipRecorder main window.

  • Show or Hide the EasyVoipRecorder Dashboard.

  • Goto to the Export and Recordings folder.

  • Go to EasyVoipRecorder Web site in order to buy the program or the sharing plan.

  • Go to our registration form to insert your valid serial code.

  • Enable EasyVoipRecorder to run at windows startup.

  • Check for EasyVoipRecorder updates.

  • Recommend this application to yours friends/co-workers.

  • Show this Help page.

  • Show the EasyVoipRecorder About window.

  • Quit easyVoipRecorder.


Skype Recorder Features
  • how to record skype conversations?

  • record skypeIn skypeOut.

  • windows skype call recorder.

  • mp3 voip call recorder

Some features

  • Records any kind of VoIP and skype conversations (PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone(cell phone also), PC to conference conversations)
  • No out of sync problem. Dual channel skype call recording
  • Save your voice and your partner's voice in separated channels.
  • Save VoIP records and skype records in WAV/OGG/MP3(Stereo/Mono)
  • And much more features..