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The EasyVoipRecorder Main Window 

EasyvoipRecorder Main Window


The EasyVoipRecorder Dashboard 

EasyVoiprecorder Dashboard

 The EasyVoipRecorder Dashboard right click menu

export options

    The EasyVoipRecorder Popup Menu


EasyVoipRecorder Tray popup Menu
Skype Recorder Features
  • how to record skype conversations?

  • record skypeIn skypeOut.

  • windows skype call recorder.

  • mp3 voip call recorder

Some features

  • Records any kind of VoIP and skype conversations (PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone(cell phone also), PC to conference conversations)
  • No out of sync problem. Dual channel skype call recording
  • Save your voice and your partner's voice in separated channels.
  • Save VoIP records and skype records in WAV/OGG/MP3(Stereo/Mono)
  • And much more features..